Learn Italian in Tuscany tasting its wine and food treasures

Learn, eat and speak:
the perfect combination to enjoy our Italian language course and the best Tuscan products

Is there something more exciting and amusing than coming to Casentino to learn Italian language and discover our gastronomic treasures? Excellent traditional products and delicious old recipes are real foodie temptations. And since we are deeply in love with our valley, we have organized a course that combines language learning to the discovery of our gastronomic culture.

After many years of experience, we are sure that the best way to learn a foreign language is staying in contact with the culture and traditions of its territory, even more here in Casentino, where Italian language and our gastronomic culture are indissolubly tied.

‘Our’ Casentino offers fantastic experiences when it comes to wine and good food. We have organized the course "The Tastes of Casentino" for you who want to learn Italian in Tuscany taking the opportunity to visit local farms, mills and traditional wine cellars and to taste typical products and recipes with new friends.


The course “The Tastes of Casentino” lasts one week and consists of 20 fifty-minute Italian language lessons in the morning (from 9 AM to 12:40 PM). All our lessons are held in Italian, but ‘in case of emergency’ all our teachers are fluent English speakers.

In the afternoon, the course program includes:

  • 3 wine & food tasting experiences
  • 2 gastronomic dinners

The course is intended for a minimum of 3 participants.

In the morning: grammar & conversation

In the morning: grammar & conversation

In the first two morning lessons (9-10:40 AM), you’ll learn Italian grammar guided by our native Italian language teachers, graduated and qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language. Since in our school the courses are held only in small groups, every lesson is a real full-immersion. After a coffee break at the bar, at 11 AM everybody’s back in the classroom for two new lessons. Now it’s time for conversation! You’ll learn new words and get acquainted with the spoken language. If you want to learn Italian in Tuscany, in our school you will find a multicultural atmosphere and a cooperative learning approach.

Discover our food and wine treasures

Discover our food and wine treasures

In the afternoon we’ll go and discover unique typical products. We’ll visit farms and some of the most important local producers to know and experience real gastronomic excellences.

  • I Bigi e le MoreWe’ll visit a swine breeding farm of Bigio Casentinese, Cinta Senese and Mora Romagnola, from which the famous Prosciutto del Casentino is made and where Italian salami-style sausages, called finocchiona, capaccia and sanbudelli, are produced.
  • Caprini e ovini – In an unpolluted farm where sheep and goats live undisturbed, we’ll discover how typical Tuscan cheeses like pecorino, ricotta (cottage cheese), raviggiolo and the Abbucciato aretino are produced.
  • I frantoi – (available in November) Autumn is the perfect moment to watch the olive pressing for Tuscan PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and to taste the unique flavor of the olio nuovo (fresh olive oil) directly at the mill.
  • I novelli, i passiti e le macine – We’ll explore the fantastic world of wine, tasting the first wines of the harvest (called novelli) and the intense flavors of wines made from dried grapes and matured in chestnut barrels for six years. Then we’ll visit an ancient watermill, which still produces the typical chestnut flour of the Casentino valley – a basic ingredient in many local recipes.
It’s time to eat together!

It’s time to eat together!

One of the best ways to learn Italian in Tuscany is eating together. Talking at a sumptuously decked table while enjoying exquisite traditional dishes matched with a glass of good wine is the perfect situation to learn the Italian language and our local culture. That’s why during the course, we’ll have dinner together in typical restaurants, tasting delicious gastronomic menus.


Our course "The Tastes of Casentino" lasts one week and is available on these scheduled dates. The course requires a minimum of 3 students.

Do not hesitate to send us an email to request the detailed program of each scheduled course.

Are you a group of at least three people and are you interested in our course "The Tastes of Casentino" but you can’t attend it on the scheduled dates? Write us when you would like to come and we’ll do our best to satisfy your needs with a personalized "The Tastes of Casentino"  course !

  • minimum 3 students
Eur. 650

Isn’t it enough?

If you want to spend more time with us, you can combine the course “The Tastes of Casentino” with other courses and activities.

For example, if you prefer to focus on Italian grammar and conversation, a one-week Italian language course is the ideal solution, both in small groups or privately.

If you want something more, you can also add an afternoon cultural course to your morning language activities. You can choose from a cooking course, a painting course or a stone carving course (for beginners).


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