Learn how to speak Italian in the homey atmosphere of our Italian language school

The School

Our Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino - C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca" started its activity as an Italian language school in Casentino in 1982. The school is in the historic center of Poppi, inside Palazzo Vettori, which also houses the modern section of the prestigious Rilli-Vettory Library.

During the years, our courses on offer have expanded and today, together with our Italian language courses, our students can choose from Italian thematic courses, cultural courses, cooking courses and web based courses on Skype. In the past we were a reference school for German students; today we are the choice for many students coming from all over the world.

Expert mother tongue teachers

In our school, there are only mother tongue teachers, qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language. During these years, they have developed great experience in teaching Italian language for beginners or advanced learners. They are all graduated and have been chosen for their abilities to create a special atmosphere in the classroom, which let any student feel comfortable and simplify their learning process.

A communicative approach

All our students live a linguistic experience based on a communicative approach: speaking, listening and confronting themselves with their pals are fundamental steps to assimilate the authentic sounds and words of a foreign language. That’s why, as a student, you’ll find yourself completely surrounded by a homey atmosphere that will make your learning process easier: in the shops, at the bar, on the streets, Poppi inhabitants are always happy to help our students overcoming their psychological barrier with the spoken language, even if you are a beginner. It’s the advantage of an Italian language school far away from the city hustle and bustle: you’ll learn Italian not only at school, but also in every moment of your study trip and in absolute tranquility.


Small groups for big results

Among many Italian language schools, we are the only one that has specifically chosen to focus on offering only quality Italian language courses in small groups, which consist of maximum 5 students at the same Italian linguistic level. The great advantage of small classes is that our teachers are able to satisfy the learning needs of each student at best and that any student can participate to our lesson more actively.

In big classes, the teacher isn’t always able to establish a proficient relationship with each student. As a consequence, students are frequently left to their learning obstacles. Moreover it can happen that just few students, causing serious learning and relational difficulties to their pals, determine the general teaching speed. On the contrary, attending our courses in small homogeneous classes means that your teachers, who will friendly resolve all your linguistic doubts and difficulties, will scrupulously follow you.

Every student is unique

Our teaching method is based on a simple principle: each lesson is tailor-made on the real learning needs of our students. That’s why we only offer courses in small groups of 3-5 people, in which everyone is put in condition to interact with the others, surrounded by a friendly and stimulating atmosphere. Our teachers, according to the specific needs of each class, make the learning materials. Newspapers, acting techniques, role-plays, videos and songs are funny learning tools at the basis of our courses. They belong to a learning theory, in which every student must feel free and relaxed to express him/herself using a foreign language.

An exciting and engaging study trip

Desiring that the study trip of every student becomes an exciting life experience, we have developed many cultural and thematic courses to let our students learn our language completely immersed in Casentino culture, history, traditions and tastes. That’s why we decided that our school headquarters should have been in Poppi, a medieval Tuscan village where people speak pure classic Tuscan dialect, an authentic form of Italian, and where inhabitants are always happy to have a chat with our students.

We offer you a slow study trip, in which Italian language learning process takes place in every moment of the day, pleasantly, naturally and captivatingly.




Teaching supervisorGianna

Our strengths

  • lessons in small groups
  • expert mother tongue teachers
  • we are always open, even for national public holidays
  • a school far away from the city hustle and bustle
  • peaceful and safe study vacations for the whole family
  • direct contact with the authentic Italian language spoken by Poppi inhabitants
  • surrounded by the Foreste Casentinesi National Park
  • thematic and cultural programs
  • Italian language courses for absolute beginners
  • courses on Skype with our teachers


Can I attend an Italian language course only for one week?

Certamente ! Puoi frequentare i nostri corsi di italiano per una, due, tre, quattro settimane oppure per periodi più lunghi

My partner isn’t going to attend an Italian language course. Can he attend a cultural course?
Is the school open during national public holidays?
I’d like to attend a thematic course. Can I add a one-week Italian language course?
How can I get to Poppi from Florence if I don’t have a car?
Is there a golf course in Poppi?
I am keen on cycling. Are there bike trails in the area?
Should I buy any learning materials to attend the courses?
We have children, is it possible to plan a course for them?


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C.C.I.C. ´Piero della Francesca´
Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino
Piazza Amerighi n.1
I - 52014 Poppi (AR )· Toscana · Italia

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