Learn Italian language in Italy

Learn Italian language in a placid Tuscan village
with qualified native Italian teachers


Your greatest desire is having a trip to learn Italian language in Italy? No sooner said than done with our Italian language courses, conceived exactly for people like you who are looking for an Italian language course in small groups of maximum 5 people or for a private course. Our school is located in Poppi, a placid village in the heart of Casentino, a beautiful valley where nature, art and traditions live together undisturbed. For us, Italian - and Tuscan - culture is a value to protect and on which we have developed our teaching project.

Indeed, any of our courses are held in Italian, because if you want to learn Italian language in Italy, it is important that you experience the musicality of our language since the very first lessons. In our school we want our students to have fun and discover something new every day, actively practicing Italian spoken language. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere and you’ll always be at ease learning Italian in small groups. Our qualified mother tongue teachers, who have developed great competences in Italian language teaching over the years, will always stay at your side to guide you in a pleasant learning journey.

The tranquility of Poppi and of the school is perfect if what you’re looking for are Italian language courses in Italy for adults. Our courses are attended by families, couples, professional women and men, artists and Italian enthusiasts from all over the world: multiculturalism and cooperative learning combined to the direct contact with our local culture are the secret of the success of our Italian language courses and of a fantastic adventure started in the ‘80s.


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C.C.I.C. ´Piero della Francesca´
Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino
Piazza Amerighi n.1
I - 52014 Poppi (AR )· Toscana · Italia

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