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After forty years of experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language, we are sure that the best way to learn Italian is coming in touch with its culture and traditions: making fantastic life experiences, having a stroll around the farmers’ market or lunch in a typical osteria to listen and learn Italian as it is spoken in everyday life. This is the real Italian language, more natural and different from the one used in schoolbooks.

After all, we speak Italian with all our body. It’s a language made of gestures, expressions and rich in dialect inflections. You can grasp all its different nuances and peculiarities only experiencing it in its cultural context: for us, this is the unique and best way to learn Italian. That’s why we have combined conversation training to cultural discovery: a learning method and a speaking skill strengthening approach that you’ll be enthusiastic about.  

You’ll be very happy to know that in our school we have created a lot of amazing cultural programs: if you love the Italian cuisine or you are keen on painting, if you would like to discover the fascinating art of stone carving or if you prefer a program of lunches and excursions to discover the beauty of our valley, you just have to choose.


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C.C.I.C. ´Piero della Francesca´
Centro di Cultura Italiana Casentino
Piazza Amerighi n.1
I - 52014 Poppi (AR )· Toscana · Italia

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